How often should you have your gutters cleaned?

How often do you need gutter cleaning in Raleigh NC

The short answer is: every house is different. But that does not help YOU determine if and when your gutters need to be cleaned out. Gutter cleaning is like brushing your teeth or working out, it does no good to only do it once. 

Time of year trees shed debris: Seeds and flowering tree petals in springtime. Leaves in the summer if it’s too dry or too wet. Acorns and gumballs early October. Leaves and seeds throughout Fall and Wintertime. Oak trees hang onto their leaves into January/February. Then a month later the Spring seeds start falling again. Let’s not forget pine trees that shed debris constantly year-round. 

Thankfully in our climate, we rarely maintain below freezing temperature for more than a few days at a time. This allows debris to be removed year-round as needed. However, keep in mind that full gutters retain water. The weight alone can cause damage to your home, also water expands when frozen. Gutters are damaged when this happens. So if your gutters are full early fall, don’t assume you are safe or saving money by waiting till January to have them cleaned. 

TIPS: – Some people have a second story section on your house that overlooks a 1st story gutter. If this lower gutter is near trees then you can easily use the lower gutter as a gauge when to schedule a cleaning. 

– If your children have camera drones have them do a fly-by on the gutters to inspect if they need cleaning. Be sure to attach a fishing line to the drone in case it gets stuck on the roof. You can easily pull it down. 

– Naturally, if you are home during a storm and your gutters are overflowing, a gutter cleaning is past due. 

Do gutter guards prevent the need to schedule gutter cleaning? Check out our blog Here. The short answer is they may extend the time in between cleaning but do not prevent the need for maintenance. Unfortunately, most clients who invest a lot of money in guards are let down in the end. 

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