What causes gutters to overflow?

Differed Maintenance 

Number one reason gutters overflow is debris causing blockages. Downspout size does play a factor. As little as one handful of debris can block small downspout opening. Remember, as soon as the tops of your downspouts are covered water has no place to drain. 

Damage, Misalignment, Bad Instillation

Falling debris, wind, ice, and differed Maintenance can all damage gutters. Typical “pitch” of gutters is 1/2 inch from the “high point” to the downspout. It doesn’t take much to push/pull a gutter 1/2 inch out of alignment. Then water will overflow at the new lowest point instead of draining at the downspout. Not having enough support brackets, wrong materials used, or too few downspouts can increase the chances of damages and misaligned gutters. 

Helpful Hints

When you have the gutters cleaned check for damage. Look for standing water which will indicate bad alignment. Make sure the opening to the downspouts are the maximum opening size. Replace the old style spike and furrow with updated gutter screw/furrow. The new screw threads will grip into the fascia and help prevent full gutters from pulling away. 

Ask for cleaning reminders 

Like with most maintenance tasks, we seem to forget until we notice problems. Having your gutters cleaned and properly draining is the best/ least expensive form of preventative maintenance. At DIV Cleaning Service we send out reminders quarterly. Some clients need cleaning this frequently, others do not. 

If you have any specific questions: 

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