Are gutter guards worth the cost?

Gutter Guards are one of those items that sound AMAZING, looks good on paper, but in real-world practical application. . . falls short every time.  

Cost: For the Average size home the cheapest gutter guards will cost about $1,000 for materials and professional installation. The most expensive guards almost require you to take out a second mortgage.
Effectiveness: All guards work perfectly . . . during the sales demonstration. In the real world dirt clings to them, debris piles on top, seeds clog up holes, animals chew threw them.
The Unforeseen:
-Guards make a perfect habitat for squirrels. The little critters will chew through the toughest metal guards, into your home, and pack everything full of leaves, twigs, and other debris.
-Debris piled on top of guards can create ice and water “dams.” Normally the water would simply overflow and fall to the ground. Homes with guards are susceptible to water back flowing into the roof and homes. While rare I have seen a new roof needing replacement after 2 years because of gutter guards.
100% of Gutter Guards fail at: Preventing debris from piling up on your roof. If your roof needs cleaning anyway, why pay for guards?

In conclusion, the majority of guards simply do not work. Wrong application. Wrong installation. Wrong design. Sometimes gutter guards make the water shoot right over the gutters onto the ground. Sometimes debris piles on top of the guards. A lot of times debris works its way into the gutter in spite of having gutter guards. Each homeowner should weigh the cost of gutter guards to the savings in a reduced number of gutter cleanings. The majority will come to the conclusion that scheduling a gutter cleaning 2 times a year is better for your home and better for your pocketbook.

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